Freedom Train

from by Mad Hallelujah

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ride that train
ride that train
through the night

there's a freedom train comin', so i'm drummin' and strummin' to keep from bummin' around with my face to the ground, and the sound gives me wings, and i can fly when i sing, and the beat keeps me up in the air...

listen, this train is not for profit, and these tickets are not for sale, but hop on board good prophet, and tell us all your tale

i'm strummin' with hummingbirds, my nectar is the spoken word, my flower is the universe, my power is to break the curse of a mind that wants to see the worst first before the best gets a chance to fill my chest with hope

so boogie down to the track, take a load off your back, liberate from the invisible chains, cuz freedom is a creature in each and everybody and that creature should never be tamed

a long and winding road brought me to the station,
i leave behind my load, there's nothing here worth taking,
hear that whistle blow, feel the earth beneath me shaking,

the freedom train is comin' round the bend

(Redwood) oh great spirit, i surrender, to these holy embers burning within...
so many lifetimes stuck in prisons of the mind, but then we see we are the jailor, we don't have to seek far to find,
set your rivers free, cuz rivers wanna flow to the sea,
witness with compassion to complete the release, the crystal rivers of your tears bring life to the ravines,
pain may not be chosen,
but suffering is but a state of mind,
when you let your walls fall, you're a part of it all,
when you hop on that train and ride

so ride that train
ride that train
through the night

you can never be late and you're always on time
get on when you're ready and enjoy the ride on the freedom train

freedom train

cuz there ain't no tickets, no fees or fines, you can ride it all day, you can ride it all night, on the freedom train

freedom train


from Over the Moon, released January 31, 2019


all rights reserved



Mad Hallelujah California

Dynamically weaving elements of folk, rock, psychedelic, celtic, gospel, funk and more into an uplifting, soulful, gloriously groovy sound.

Mad Hallelujah features big three-part harmonies, infectious hooks and grooves, soaring instrumental jams, and seamless genre transitions. Always engaging, they offer audiences a hearty invitation to sing along and dance like mad.
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